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Beat any other competitors in the market! WHY we can still provide best services at this low price? BECAUSE we only sell our VPN services on iOS devices, we don’t have any agent, we never do any advertisements, then we can put every your penny to make your connection fast and reliable!

Best-Selling iOS client

Every time you need to pay a small amount of money, are you concerning about the security? Yes if paying from web, you are exposing yourself, leaving a digital fingerprint of credit cards, paypal account and etc. A hacker may use this information to steal your money! Fortunately Apple Inc. does provide iTunes users a ever fast and secure payment choice: pay your service in out iOS client at lowest price! This transaction-enabled payment is guarded by word-class firewall and guaranteed 30-Days-Money-Back by Apple! Download our client now from iTunes Store! Our app is ranked at TOP 1 in UAE, TOP 20 in China and US!

Optimized connection in US, China and UAE

VPNVIP focus on providing best VPN services for customers in Asia and US. We have spend a lot of time optimizing the connection speed and reliability for IPs from these areas. We have set up 2 groups of more than 50 servers specifically in US and Asia. That’s why we now have had more than 5,000 users in China, 2,000 users in UAE and 20,000 users in US!

Free trial available: up to 1000MB free quotas!

For any new user, we offer 100MB free quotas. For any new user recommended by an existing user, we offer up to 1GB free quotas! You never pay before completely try our services out! Join us today by registering yourself in our iOS client!

Setup on as many computers as you like

You can configure VPNVIP on as many computers/phones as you like, and you can login and use our VPN services in as many as computers/phones at the same time! No limit at all!

Both L2TP and PPTP protocols available (for those who care about the technology)

By default, we recommend new users to use the L2TP protocol. For user who cares most for speed, we can instead configure your account to use a different protocol called PPTP, which you can connect using built-in support from Windows and Mac. No installation required, just configure the VPN connection in your network properties following our clear instructions.

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